Choose Superior Coating For Your Kitchen

Every kitchen is a high-traffic area where food and liquid spillage happens all the time. While classic tiles create an impactful visual effect, they can never be so smooth, clean and hazard-free like epoxy floors. Our resin coating ensures effortless cleaning of slip-free, antibacterial surfaces. Suitable for both commercial premises and private homes, they are also very decorative as you can choose any design you like (even custom-made colours and patterns are possible).

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Choose From A Variety Of Colours & Styles

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Epoxy Kitchen Floors Perth

Safe, durable and attractively designed, our epoxy kitchen floors are commonly used for Perth residential and commercial buildings. Redesigning an old kitchen or building a new one will be much faster if you are using our epoxy. It is because the coating is easy to apply and can be used over existing tiles, timber, concrete or any other material. You don’t have to spend hours looking for the right style and size of tiles, plus there are no grouts that are so difficult to clean.

Epoxy Flooring For Kitchens

Our Epoxy floor coating is a healthier, fuss-free solution for kitchens, offering a seamless finish as well as germ-proof and slip-proof surfaces. It is so much easier to clean smooth and water-resistant floors and keep them in mint condition. At Designer Resin Floors, you can find a colour or pattern with a matte or shiny finish that will blend well with any style of kitchen, be it rustic, modern or retro.

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