Safer Floors For Furry Pets

Why do you need epoxy flooring for vets and kennels? Because it is the best solution for any space where our furry friends might be. Timber floors, tiles, concrete and even rubber floors are susceptible to damage, and they are not hygienic enough because they tend to soak up liquids and all types of dirt. Designer Resin Floors are made of smooth, non-slip and anti-bacterial material which makes them ideal for animals and pets.

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Choose From A Variety Of Colours & Styles

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Epoxy Flooring For Kennels

We all know that pets can misbehave when they are not at home with their owners. Epoxy floors are a preferred choice for kennels because they can’t be scratched and torn. They are made to last for years, which makes them a great permanent solution for animal shelters. Our resin coating is also fully germ-proof, and you can safely clean the floors without worrying that any residue will seep into the grout.

Epoxy Flooring For Vets

Choose Designer Resin Floors for your vet centre or animal hospital in Perth because they are both antibacterial and slip-resistant. Our epoxy formula has no alternative when it comes to pet care because it ticks all the boxes. Floor surfaces feel soft for animals with claws, and yet they are very thick and resistant to everything from microorganisms and chemicals to scraping and scratching. Cleaning up the mess after animals isn’t an issue, while the slip-free formula minimises the chances for accidents at your pet clinic.     

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