Experience The Difference Of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Our high-quality, sturdy and durable epoxy resin coatings are ideal for all types of industrial spaces because they can withstand constant wear and tear while requiring minimal maintenance. Epoxy is much more practical than any traditional industrial flooring. Perth builders prefer using this innovative material for all kinds of high traffic areas because of its anti-bacterial properties, slip-free formula and extreme durability.

Non-porous epoxy floors will make a huge difference in any industrial space where you need long-lasting and solid surfaces that are not going to get damaged due to extreme heat, excessive water or heavy chemicals. No other coating can match the resilience of our epoxy, which is often used for aircraft hangers, industrial warehouses, mining sites, mechanical workshops and wastewater plants. At Designer Resin Floors, we make sure that you get a safe and durable, low maintenance flooring solution for your industrial space in Perth. 

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Industrial Flooring Solutions

Epoxy resin is the most popular industrial flooring solution because it is resistant to water, chemicals, spillage and extreme temperatures. It is suitable for airports and aircraft hangars, car parks, factories and mining sites where traditional flooring materials are simply not sufficient. No other material can match its strong and long-lasting formula!

And because epoxy floors are also resilient to bacteria, viruses and mould, they are also commonly used in hospitals, hospices and food-making facilities. Most importantly, it is easy to clean any surface quickly, using only a mop and water and light cleaning products or disinfectants.

Our range of epoxy flooring coatings includes colours and designs that are suitable for industrial spaces in Perth. From shiny and matte resins to decorative flaked designs and colour blocking flooring options, you are bound to find the perfect option for your business.

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