Revamp Your Garage

Our epoxy coating is great for concrete floors and an affordable alternative to other solutions. Designer Resin Floors are easy to install and much more aesthetically pleasing than the stained and unfinished concrete surfaces. You don’t have to worry about spillages because epoxy is super-easy to clean. It is chemical resistant, waterproof and slip-free, which makes it ideal for garages. The epoxy coating will level out all the minor cracks and holes in your garage floor, but you can also prep the concrete using a diamond grind.

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Choose From A Variety Of Colours & Styles


Epoxy Garage Floors – The Practical Garage Floor Coating

It doesn’t take a lot to refurbish and modernise your garage: all you really need to do is paint the floor! Our epoxy floor coating is the most practical solution for garages because it is easy to apply and maintain, it is seamless and slip-resistant, and it looks infinitely better than a rough concrete floor with oil stains. You’ll save money you’d spend on installing tiles or pavers because you can turn your garage make-over into a weekend DIY project. You can choose any colour you like, plus cleaning the floor will never be a hassle again.

Epoxy Garage Floor Perth

Epoxy is the leading garage floor coating option Perth-wide because of its strong, thick and seamless look. If it can withstand heavy traffic at airports, it has to be even better for your garage floor. Designer Resin Floors is dedicated to helping Perth locals by offering a quick, easy and cost-effective way to upgrade any garage space.