The Designer Resin Floor Difference

the designer resin floor difference

Resin floors are different because they are safer and more durable than other flooring options while providing great design flexibility and flattering any residential or commercial property. The unique formula makes them suitable for a variety of spaces from garages, kitchens and bathrooms to hospitals, food making facilities, airports and outdoor areas. Unlike traditional flooring materials, epoxy is cheap to install, and it comes in a variety of colours and styles. Here are the five crucial assets of Designer Resin Floors!

Enhanced Safety

When safety is your priority, epoxy floors should be your first choice. They are ideal for covering areas that frequently get wet, including bathroom and kitchen floors, pools or other outdoor spaces. They are also convenient for residential building hallways and staircases, hospitals, hospices, gyms and other places where slippery floors can be a huge hazard. Epoxy resin has a unique slip-free formula, offering the ultimate safe & hygienic flooring solution for private homes and commercial properties. The smooth surface prevents the formation of mould and bacteria, and it is easy to disinfect and keep clean.  

Resistance to Wear and Tear

Epoxy resin coatings are extremely robust and durable. They are suitable for high-traffic areas because they can withstand constant wear and tear. Whether you need a fresh alternative for your concrete garage floor or a superb solution for a commercial facility such as airport, factory, warehouse or a store, epoxy is a fantastic choice. Due to its chemical structure comprising oxygen and carbon atoms bonded together, it is resilient and durable, ensuring that your floors will last longer and look sharp for years.  

Glossy or Matte Finish

High-gloss or matte finish and 3D effects are some of the most popular trends in epoxy flooring Perth-wide right now.  Resin coating’s flexible formula allows for a myriad of unique designs. The material can mimic some of the most intricate natural surfaces such as marble, granite, sandstone and Italian Terrazzo tiles. You can create the illusion of depth with mirror-like shiny coatings or pick a matte design in any colour you like from deep green to sky blue or bright red. The coating can be applied to create different patterns, which is useful if you want to visibly mark driveways or walkable areas.

Easy Care

Cleaning epoxy floors is effortless, and the long-lasting coating requires no major maintenance. You don’t have to waste hours scrubbing the surfaces with abrasive cleaning products because the smooth coating is chemical-resistant and doesn’t absorb dirt and stains. A light clean with a wet mop or sponge is enough to keep your floor spotless.

Value for Money

Design Resin Floors are a fantastic capital investment because they are so durable, easy-to-clean and cheap to install. If you want to revamp your garage floor, applying epoxy coating can be a quick DIY project. It is fairly easy to apply the coating over a concrete floor without any preparation work. However, if you need to remove the tiles, timber or any other flooring, you can ask a professional to even out the surface first. The best thing about epoxy resin floors is that you can make substantial savings on installation costs.  If you don’t want to paint the floors by yourself, you can have it professionally applied by our team