Residential Applications of Epoxy Flooring

residential applications of epoxy flooring

Strong, durable, decorative and easy-to-clean, Designer Resin Floors are ideal for residential properties. From outdoor areas to kitchens, bathrooms, building hallways and even lounge areas, here is how you can use epoxy coating to enhance your living space.


The kitchen design should be functional and aesthetically pleasing, but the main concern should be hygiene and safety. The area used for storing and preparing food is prone water and liquid spills, which means that floors tend to be wet and greasy. While timber flooring is elegant, tiles can be slippery and often very difficult to clean. Epoxy floors are the safest and the healthiest option because the surface is spill-resistant and slip-free and the material can withstand heat, water and heavy foot traffic.


When it comes to residential epoxy flooring, Perth builders commonly use sturdy resin coatings for bathrooms. The surfaces are sleek but slip-resistant, which make bathroom floors much safer and easier to clean. There is no grout that require laborious scrubbing, and you don’t need toxic cleaning products to maintain hygiene. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, epoxy resins can mimic any natural material or tile pattern while offering a long-lasting and high-quality protection for your floors.     

Living Rooms

Because epoxy resin can imitate any natural material including granite, marble and sandstone, this material is becoming increasingly popular for living rooms and lounge areas. You can choose among a wide variety of designs and styles or even achieve optical illusion effects. From colourful matte surfaces to a glossy finish that resembles a water surface, you can find a look that complements your interior design.

Swimming Pool Surroundings

Sun decks and areas around the swimming pool inevitably get wet and slippery which means they require a special type of flooring. To minimise chances of accidents and increase safety, your top priority should be a safe, slip-free coating. Epoxy resin is a practical choice because it is easy and cheap to install while offering superb protection.

Terraces & Patios

Epoxy floors are also a very convenient solution for terraces, balconies and patios because they are low-maintenance. Resistant to heat, water and stains, epoxy resin is a long-lasting material that can survive heavy rain during Perth winters.

Corridors & Staircases

Since epoxy resin is perfectly suited for high foot traffic areas, builders often recommend this coating for corridors and staircases. When renovating a residential building, installing epoxy floors is quick and effortless, while it offers a practical, durable and slip-free solution.  


Epoxy resin is a convenient material for covering concrete garage floors that are chipped, stained and not very appealing. Available in a rainbow of colours, this coating is the perfect solution for a quick garage makeover. It is easy to apply, which means you can eliminate the installation costs, and it is a great investment because the floors last longer and require very little maintenance. The coating isn’t prone to abrasion and removing tyre and machine oil stains is easy and requires no scrubbing or use of harsh chemicals.