How To Select The Right Colour Epoxy Flooring

how to select the right colour epoxy flooring

From marble-like glossy designs to Italian terrazzo-inspired flaked textures, there are so many beautiful epoxy flooring colours & styles you can choose from. Offering even more shades and textures than classic tiles, this type of coating is extremely versatile and can fit into any space. Whether you want to revamp your kitchen, change the floors in your bathroom or renovate your office, you have virtually endless options. If you are not sure how to incorporate the new epoxy floors into your design scheme, here is what you need to consider!


The first thing to consider is the space you want to use epoxy coating for. While brighter colours might work well for your bathroom, darker ones could be better suited for your garage. Since epoxy resin comes in a variety of shades and can be either glossy or matte, it is essential that you match the style to your interior or exterior design. If you want to redecorate a rustic space or a modern interior with plenty of natural materials, you can pick an epoxy resin colour or design that mimics natural stone or wood surfaces.


Depending on the colour and style you select, your epoxy floors can blend in your home design or feel unnatural and inadequate. Make sure that the hue matches your existing colour palette. You may want to pick a shade that complements your walls and furniture or create an interesting contrast. If your surroundings are predominantly dyed in bright matte shades, then a dark shiny floor could stand out too much. If you are not sure which design to pick, professionals at Designer Resin Floors Perth can help you select the best option.


You should also consider natural and artificial lighting. Epoxy floors can help you illuminate any space. For example, if you need more light in your home office space, a beautiful off-white or beige tone enhanced with a high gloss finish will produce the desired effect. And if you want to create a warm and cosy ambience in your library or living area, moody hues with sparkly metallic shine will instantly add magic. Sometimes enclosed outdoor areas need illumination too. Bright paving will visually increase space if you have a small terrace or courtyard you want to redesign.


You might also want to think about maintenance when choosing the colour of your epoxy floors. With robust, resilient and easy-to-clean formula, epoxy resin is not difficult to maintain in good shape. However, a combination of bright shades and high gloss surfaces isn’t the best choice for indoor and outdoor spaces where high traffic or frequent spillage might ruin the flawless appearance of your floors. Make sure to pick an appropriate colour for a specific space and its functionality.

The Key Considerations

If you want to make sure your epoxy floor blends well into the colour scheme you already have, make sure the shade matches or contrasts your walls. To minimise maintenance needs, avoid pure white and opt for other neutral hues. Use brighter colours to illuminate dark spaces or maximise natural light and opt for textured matte designs whenever you are not sure that glossy surfaces might stand out too much.