Clever Ways to Use Epoxy Flooring in Your Home

clever ways to use epoxy flooring in your home

From the bathroom to the balcony, epoxy floors can be used for literally any space in and around your house. They are ideal for non-slippery driveways and staircases, but they will also look stunning in your kitchen or dining room! Whether you need styling ideas for your new home or you just want to redecorate an old one, we give you five smart ways to use epoxy coating for any residential space in Perth!

Revamp Your Garage

Did you know you are one simple DIY project away from your perfect garage? If you don’t like the look of your garage floor and its chipped, cracked or stained concrete surface, epoxy resin is the ultimate solution. Resilient to water, oil and chemicals, epoxy floors are easy to clean, and you have a huge palette of colours to choose from. The coating itself is easy to apply, which means you can do it yourself. We are seeing more and more garage epoxy Perth-wide because it is a cost-effective solution. You can get a new floor for a low price because you are minimising the installation costs. Even if you want someone else to install it for you, you can still make substantial savings because any local handyman can do the job.

Replace Your Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Residential epoxy flooring is one of the hottest trends right now! Shiny or matte, the coating has a modern feel and can replace any traditional flooring material including tiles, concrete, sandstone or timber. It is very popular for bathroom and kitchen designs because you get slip-free antibacterial surfaces that are easy to clean and don’t require major maintenance.

Redesign Your Garden

The popularity of alfresco epoxy Perth-wide is justified by the unique properties of this innovative flooring material. Thanks to the slip-resistant formula, it is perfect for outdoor areas which can easily get wet. You can cover your patios, walkways and poolside areas with a coating of epoxy resin to make them safer and more attractive. Epoxy resin is extremely resistant to high temperatures, and there is no danger of damage caused by the hot summer weather.

Choose a Non-Slippery Coating for Your Balcony

When it comes to balcony epoxy, Perth locals choose the safest slip-free flooring options available on the market. Even extreme heat or heavy rain can’t harm the sturdy epoxy resin surface that is easy to install and maintain. From Italian terrazzo to glossy coatings in a rainbow of colours, the styling options are virtually endless. You can apply epoxy floors by yourself or get a local handyman to do it for you at a low price!

Modernise Your Home Office

Did you know epoxy resin is the favourite flooring option for office spaces in Perth? It is because its impeccably smooth surface is effortless to clean and keep in pristine condition. From simple monochromatic designs to colourful patterns, you can pick any style you like to compliment your walls and furniture. An additional bonus is the reflective surface which brings more light to your working environment.