Cleaning & Maintenance of an Epoxy Floor

cleaning and maintenance of an epoxy floor

The sleek and non-abrasive surface of epoxy resin is easier to clean and maintain than any traditional flooring material. Its unique formula provides water-resistant, slip-free and hygienic floors – ideal for both residential and commercial properties.  

Safe & Hygienic Flooring Solution

Epoxy coating is safer than the majority of flooring options because it is slip-free and has antimicrobial properties. They are suitable for wet areas, spaces where you need a higher level of hygiene and high foot traffic locations. Due to its amazing assets, epoxy resin is commonly used to make high-quality floors for commercial buildings. They are suitable for hospitals, hospices, airports, garages, warehouses, exercise areas and many other facilities.

In private homes and residential buildings, Designer Resin Floors are commonly used instead of tiles, laminate and timber flooring. Whether you want to build or revamp your kitchen or bathroom, the resin coating is the perfect solution because this material is waterproof and resistant to mould and bacteria. Unlike tiles, wood and other popular flooring materials, epoxy doesn’t absorb liquids, which means that it is much less prone to stains and any all kinds of contamination. Epoxy is also one of the most popular choices for outdoor areas such as terraces, patios and swimming pool surroundings because it is not slippery and can withstand any weather. Due to its design flexibility and capability to mimic other materials, epoxy is a popular choice for indoor living areas.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Builders and designers love using epoxy flooring Perth-wide not just because they are practical and aesthetically appealing but also because they are easy to clean and maintain in pristine condition. Removing sand, dirt and liquid spills is easy! Forget about spending hours scrubbing the floors and using harsh chemicals because the epoxy coating is resistant to stains and doesn’t allow bacteria to form. There are no grouts, seams and rough surfaces, which means a light sweep with warm water is just about enough for the day-to-day care of your floors. Occasionally, you might need to use a cleaning product to keep the surface spotless and shimmery.  

The Best Cleaning Products for Epoxy Floors

Thanks to the unique chemical composition and smooth finish, wiping away dirt and spills from your epoxy floor is a breeze. You can use a dust mop and warm water for regular maintenance and vacuum cleaner or a soft brush for removing dust and debris. If you need to deal with rust or other persistent stains, you can use a scrubbing brush and warm water or a mix of ammonia and hot water. Substances like engine oil, paint and household cleaners should be removed as soon as possible and to prevent damages to your epoxy floor, you should avoid using substances such as vinegar, citrus cleaners and soap-based products.