Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors

benefits of epoxy garage floors

Whether you are building a new garage or you want to revamp an old one, epoxy flooring is the perfect solution because it is strong, long-lasting, slip-free and very easy to install. Available in a variety of colours and designs with shiny or matte finishes, this innovative material looks stunning, and it is suitable for high traffic areas. It won’t harm your tyres and it is resistant to oil stains. Still not sure whether it is the best choice for you? We summed up the five key benefits of garage floor coatings!  

1 – Durability

Unlike traditional garage flooring options, epoxy resin is strong and long-lasting. Due to its unique formula, it is much less abrasive than concrete and other types of industrial flooring. You can wear and tear it for years because it doesn’t chip and can withstand stains and chemicals. Why is epoxy so durable? The formula is based on a combination of resins and hardeners which together form a rigid plastic material. It is extremely robust and bonds well to any surface. While it is perfect for garages, it is also frequently used at hospitals, sports facilities, factories, airports and aircraft hangars.

2 – Easy Installation

While traditional solutions are labour-intensive, installing an epoxy garage floor is effortless, which makes it fun and easy DIY project. You don’t need professional help, just some trade experience and our training videos which means you can have a beautiful new floor minus the installation price.

3 – Value for Money

When it comes to garage floor epoxy, Perth locals choose cost-effective solutions. Resin coating is very affordable because you can save on installation and maintenance. Furthermore, you won’t need to repair or replace it because it is extremely strong and durable. The coating will look flawless longer than any other type of floor.

4 – Low Maintenance

When you install your epoxy floor, you can forget about the cracks, ugly oil stains and tyre marks. Cleaning your garage will be quick, easy and stress-free. The sturdy coating is resistant to all kinds of stains, chemicals, mould and bacteria that can build up in concrete, wood, ceramic and other materials. Free of cracks, pores and grouts, epoxy is sleek and seamless, which means you can clean it without rubbing or using heavy abrasives.

5 – Suitable for Cars

Epoxy coating is the best possible surface for vehicles. Unlike concrete floors, epoxy won’t corrode over time due to the weight of your car or frequent traffic, and it won’t soak up stains. You can change your oil and tyres or perform regular maintenance without fearing that dropping your tools, oil or strong chemicals can damage the floor.

At Designer Resin Flooring, we have experience using a variety of high-quality materials, and we specialise in safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions. Our floors are made from epoxy resins and other quality resins including polyurethane and polyaspartic protective coatings. To revamp your garage, you can use our DIY services (we’ll supply the coating, the tools and instructions) or let our team install the new floor for you.