5 Gorgeous Epoxy Flooring Designs You’ll Love

5 gorgeous epoxy flooring designs

One of the coolest things about epoxy floors is that they come in a myriad of styles of colours. You can find a suitable design for any commercial or residential space, be it a sports venue, warehouse, office building or your garage. Even if you are looking for an alternative to traditional flooring materials such as marble, granite, terrazzo or sandstone, you can choose from epoxy coatings that mimic these natural materials and look equally fabulous! Let us inspire you with these five trendy designs.

1 – High Gloss Finish

Classic tiles can be smooth and pearlescent, but epoxy can be mirror-like glossy! If you want to achieve the extra shiny finish which evokes the depth and beauty of a frozen lake, then you need multiple coatings of epoxy resin. You can easily create a three-dimensional effect which is perfect if you want to achieve the upscale look. Epoxy floors Perth locals love uses a metallic pigment technology. They look particularly good in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls, but you can also use them to revamp your living room!

2 – Black Granite

Black granite is one of the latest trends in epoxy flooring Perth-wide. It is a favourite choice for bathrooms. While you can use granite tiles for walls and countertops, epoxy coating in a matching design is a practical flooring solution. You can achieve a high gloss finish and a seamless, grout-free surface is much easier to clean. Bathroom floors can get messy and slippery, which is why epoxy resin is a much better choice. It is slip-free and resistant to chemicals, mould and bacteria.   

3 – Seashell Design

Across Perth, epoxy flooring is used for designing anything from bathrooms and kitchens to patios, balconies and poolside areas. If you want to bring the beach inside your home, ocean-inspired designs are perfect. Epoxy flake chips reminiscing pearlescent seashells is one of the most popular designs for both interiors and exteriors. You can use this coating to cover your bathroom floor, redesign your kitchen or revamp your garden.

4 – Terrazzo

Italian terrazzo exudes timeless elegance and Mediterranean style. This composite material is unique for its delicate texture comprised of colourful stone chips which look fantastic on balconies, kitchens and dining areas. Epoxy flake designs come in a variety of colour-contrasting designs. Black, grey or terracotta chips mixed with white, cream and off-white shades resemble the finest terrazzo stones made from particles of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other materials. Since epoxy comes in a rainbow of colours, you can add bright shades of blue, red, yellow or pink to the mix and create beautiful bespoke floors.

5 – Extra Large Chips

While the classic Italian terrazzo design features small chips, epoxy flakes come in different sizes. Extra-large ones are very popular because they allow you to create fantastic colour blocking designs. From soft shades of cappuccino, blue marble or white-grey to bold, modern art-inspired hues, epoxy floors are very versatile. You can choose a floor style to match any interior or exterior design!