A low-maintenance flooring solution that’s practical and easy-to-clean

Unlike most traditional materials, epoxy flooring is smooth and super easy to maintain. You can remove any spillage using water alone because the material is resistant to chemical, oils and dirt. The seamlessly flat surface of our Designer Resin Floors doesn’t allow mould and bacteria to form, which makes it hygienic and suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial or industrial spaces.

We use not only epoxy resins, but use other quality resins such as polyurethane resins and polyaspartic resins. We have experience using a variety of different resins and choose the most ideal solution for your specific situation and desired finish. 


How It Works

Request a free quote, and we will get back to you with an offer and professional advice.

Colours & Styles

Choose between many beautiful designs and colours in our range.

DIY Options

We have professional installers, but you can easily apply the epoxy coating yourself. We provide materials, equipment and instructions.


Transform your drab, worn out and unpolished floors into clean, seamless and impressive surfaces.


Our sturdy, durable, hygienic and slip-resistant floors are ideal for all commercial buildings including hospitals, supermarkets and garages.


Choose our epoxy floors for any industrial space because they can withstand heavyweight, strong chemicals and high traffic.

DIY Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy floors are a practical solution for your home. They are cost-effective, and it takes much less time to install and maintain the flooring properly. Unlike wood, tiles, concrete and other popular materials, resin is smooth, seamless and extremely durable. If you need a safe and long-lasting solution for your home, look no further than epoxy flooring. Perth residents are typically using them for garages, backyards, terraces, bathrooms and kitchens. However, some decorative high-gloss coatings are very popular for living rooms, libraries and dining areas. If you are not sure which style would work for your floor, we can help you choose from our wide range of colours, textures and types of epoxy resin coatings.

It is easy to DIY your epoxy resin. Perth locals love painting their own garage floors as it takes only one or two coatings to get the job done. You’ll never have to look at your chipped and stained garage floor once you repaint them with epoxy floor coatings. Perth-based handymen can help you revamp your space in no time, while installation of traditional materials can take a lot longer and cost much more. The best thing about epoxy resin is that you never have to scrub the floor with harsh chemicals. They are extremely easy to clean and are resilient to stains because their spotless smooth surface won’t soak up any dirt and spilt liquids. You won’t even need extra coatings to keep them flawless over the years because the robust material isn’t prone to chipping and tearing.

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