Resin Flooring With Versatile Colours & Designer Chips

Designer Resin Floors come in a variety of styles and colours that exude modern elegance. The designs are created to add a sophisticated touch to your home, commercial building or industrial space. Whether you are looking for minimalistic monochromatic layouts or elaborate and luxurious granite-style patterns, you are bound to find the right style for your tastes. If you visit our showroom in Perth, you’ll be able to browse our collection of designer chips to find the perfect colour, pattern and matte or glossy finish that will instantly revamp your floors.   

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Contemporary Colours & Styles To Choose From

Our epoxy floors come in a rainbow of colours from classic shades of white, black and grey to vibrant reds, soft cappuccino tones and hypnotic hues of ocean blue. We have designs that mimic the most beautiful natural materials such as black granite, red rock, blue marble, sandstone and seashells. For art lovers, we also have epoxy flooring inspired by the famous painters such as Monet, Dali, Picasso, Rubens, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. To get the realistic look and the feel of our epoxy floors, you can visit our showroom where you’ll find samples of every shade and style available.

Classic Colours

Old Master Large Chips

Designer Extra Large Chips

Old Master Small Chips