Keep Clean Rooms Safe with seamless, Antistatic and antibacterial epoxy floors

Industries that require clean room floors also need unique floor coating options that are seamless, abrasion-resistant and anti-bacterial. Designer Resin Floors are ideal for this purpose and can be customised to meet your needs. Epoxy coating provides a smooth, joint-free and scuff-resistant surface that is easy to maintain at low humidity levels which is essential for clean rooms. Since epoxy is an electrical insulator, it is an antistatic material that is easier to clean than vinyl, rubber and flooring tiles.

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Epoxy Clean Room Floors Perth

Manufacturers in Perth utilising areas that are sensitive to contamination prefer using epoxy floors because they are safer and more practical than all other options. Durable, functional and non-shedding, our resin coating will help maintain clean rooms in pristine condition. Because they are moisture-resistant, our floors provide a waterproof and self-containing surface that impedes the growth of all kinds of microorganisms which are unwelcome in clean rooms.

Epoxy Flooring For Clean Rooms

Our epoxy flooring is ideal for clean rooms which have unique hygiene requirements. Unlike the majority of commonly used flooring options, the epoxy coating has no seams or cracks where dirt, moisture or bacteria can accumulate. Due to its chemical structure, our epoxy is thick and non-porous. The topcoat is seamless and water-resistant, which allows quick and thorough cleaning. Opt for Designer Resin Floors to ensure you meet the clean room sanitation standards!

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