Enhance Your Balcony

With the ability to choose the design and colour you like, it is easy to enhance the attractiveness of your balcony with our epoxy flooring. You can achieve a similar effect with tiles, but resin coating is safer because it is slip-resistant and looks better due to its seamless finish. Since the coating is very thick and absolutely weatherproof, you can rest assured the base will be protected from water and erosion. Not to mention that you only need a light sweep or rinse to clean our epoxy floors from dust, leaves and dirt!

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Choose From A Variety Of Colours & Styles

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Epoxy Balcony Floors

Our epoxy balcony floors are durable and weather-proof due to the unique chemical formula, which makes the material robust and secure. Even better, they are also easy to install, maintain and replace. If you have a worn-out concrete surface, transforming it with resin coating will be a breeze. Because it doesn’t take professional expertise to complete the job, you can apply the coating yourself or ask someone to help you. The result will be a stunning balcony floor that improves the overall feel of your home.

Epoxy Balcony Perth

Designer Resin Floors are perfectly suited for Perth weather as they can withstand extreme heat during summer months and severe downpours of rain throughout winter. They are a fantastic investment because you can DIY install them or have a handyman install for a reasonable fee, unlike tiles, paving or decking. And because you can choose from a wide range of styles and colours, it is easy to find the design that will blend in with your home exterior.   

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