Is Epoxy Flooring Cheaper Than Tiles?

is epoxy flooring cheaper than tiles

Offering a safe & hygienic flooring solution, epoxy is a great alternative to classic tiles which can get slippery and attract mould and bacteria in the grout. But which option is cheaper and more cost-effective in the long run? Tiling is still one of the most popular choices for Perth kitchens and bathrooms, but innovative […]

How To Select The Right Colour Epoxy Flooring

how to select the right colour epoxy flooring

From marble-like glossy designs to Italian terrazzo-inspired flaked textures, there are so many beautiful epoxy flooring colours & styles you can choose from. Offering even more shades and textures than classic tiles, this type of coating is extremely versatile and can fit into any space. Whether you want to revamp your kitchen, change the floors […]

How Epoxy Flooring Is Done – A Step-By-Step Guide

how epoxy flooring is done a step by step guide

While being able to mimic natural surfaces such as stone, marble or granite, epoxy floors are sleeker, sturdier and easier to clean and maintain. The coating blends polymer resins and hardeners to provide a smooth and strong finish. Whether you need hygienic and slip-free surfaces for your office space or you want to revamp your […]

Epoxy Flooring – DIY vs Professional

diy vs professional

Epoxy floors look great in both indoor and outdoor spaces, and they are exceptionally easy and cheap to install. Whether you need to revamp your kitchen or bathroom, repaint your old garage floor or want a slip-free coating for your terrace or patio, they are the most convenient low-maintenance solution. Best of all, you can […]

The Designer Resin Floor Difference

the designer resin floor difference

Resin floors are different because they are safer and more durable than other flooring options while providing great design flexibility and flattering any residential or commercial property. The unique formula makes them suitable for a variety of spaces from garages, kitchens and bathrooms to hospitals, food making facilities, airports and outdoor areas. Unlike traditional flooring […]

How much does Epoxy Flooring Cost

how much does epoxy flooring cost

Do you need a shiny new floor that won’t break your budget? The popularity of epoxy flooring Perth-wide is justified by its fantastic value for money. While it is cheaper to buy other flooring materials, you can minimise or eliminate the installation and maintenance costs when you choose resin coating. Here is what you need […]

Commercial Applications for Epoxy Flooring

commercial applications for epoxy flooring

With fantastic resistance to anything from water and heat to chemical spills, Designer Resin Floors are perfect for all types of commercial properties. They are stronger and more durable than the traditional materials while providing a safer environment due to its slip-free formula and antibacterial properties. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Perth Commercial facilities require materials that […]

Clever Ways to Use Epoxy Flooring in Your Home

clever ways to use epoxy flooring in your home

From the bathroom to the balcony, epoxy floors can be used for literally any space in and around your house. They are ideal for non-slippery driveways and staircases, but they will also look stunning in your kitchen or dining room! Whether you need styling ideas for your new home or you just want to redecorate […]

5 Gorgeous Epoxy Flooring Designs You’ll Love

5 gorgeous epoxy flooring designs

One of the coolest things about epoxy floors is that they come in a myriad of styles of colours. You can find a suitable design for any commercial or residential space, be it a sports venue, warehouse, office building or your garage. Even if you are looking for an alternative to traditional flooring materials such […]

Save Thousands With Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Flooring

save thousands with diy 1

If you want to revamp your old floor or install a new one, DIY epoxy flooring is the cheapest and the easiest solution. All you need to do is order your DIY kit which contains floor coating, flakes, instructions and  tools such as vacuums, grinders, buckets, brushes, rollers, gloves, tarp and duct tape. Enjoy a […]