Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

Inexpensive, durable and water-resistant, epoxy coatings by Designer Resin Floors are the most practical solution for your alfresco areas. It can be time-consuming to maintain your outdoor areas, especially when the floors are made from traditional materials such as timber, concrete or stone. Epoxy floors will stay solid and intact, regardless of how harsh the weather might be. It is easy to clean the surfaces, and they are safe to be installed close to a pool because the coating is slip-free. Available in a range colours and a wide range of designs, our epoxy floors can increase the visual impact of your garden.

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Choose From A Variety Of Colours & Styles

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Epoxy Alfresco Floors

Our epoxy alfresco floors are perfectly suited for Perth properties. Resistant to water, heat and extreme weather, they are ideal for outdoor dining and poolside areas which require tough, slip-free and durable flooring solutions. Designed to match modern exteriors and blend with natural backdrops, Design Resin Floors are just what you need to make your garden beautiful and easy to clean.   

Epoxy Alfresco Area Perth

Alfresco epoxy will really improve the aesthetic of your outdoor entertaining space. Our installers can complete the job for you, or if you are looking for a weekend project and are an avid DIY-er, we can provide all the materials, tools and guidance for you to tackle the project yourself. We supply the resins and equipment along with detailed instructions, and you can take care of the rest. Going the DIY route can reduce or eliminate the cost of installation.

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